Gadd Business Consultants

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Ken Gadd founder Gadd Business Consultants

Ken Gadd

Gadd Business Consultants, Business Growth Specialists is dedicated to the long-term successful and ethical growth of small and mid-sized business and organizations in the for-profit, non-profit and faith-based sectors. For over 25 years Gadd Business Consultants has worked with organizations to more clearly define and redefine their vision, mission, and purpose, and then developed and implemented a strategic plan for successfully fulfilling that mission.

As specialists in business growth, we utilize the most advanced management, financial, and operations strategies and methodologies available. We provide an objective view of your business and develop and implement new methods and systems to increase profit, improve cash flow, and achieve growth. As business consultants, we develop and implement plans and control systems that will effectively accomplish our clients’ organizational objectives. We can work cooperatively with your business´ personnel to ensure success. At any stage in your business, we can help you become a more competitive enterprise. Our growth planning services result in an effective use of your company´s strengths and resources through sound policy and successful business strategies with short- and long-term objectives. To accomplish this, we review the major aspects of your organization including management, target markets, products and services, marketing strategies, production and financial resources. We blend intellect and theory with instinct, experience and common sense to develop and implement practical solutions to “real world” situations in a timely way.